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A Rant About Rant Haters

I don’t get people who don’t like rants. They’re all like, “Duhhhhhhhhhhh, all you guys ever do is complain!!!!” Firstly, THAT’S A COMPLAINT THAT YOU JUST MADE, YOU HYPOCRITE!!! Secondly, ranting isn’t complaining! It’s being passionate about a subject. People… Continue Reading →

What Is Poetry?

What is poetry?   Poetry is Deep Meaningful Evokes feeling And pretty hard   It is Entertaining Interesting Cool But also hard   People like poetry It’s neat And sweet And fun And typically hard   Poetry can be Pretty… Continue Reading →

April Fools

Ah, beloved April Fools day. The day you’ve been waiting for all year, the one day you can pull an epic prank on your parents without getting in any sort of trouble with them. I’ve seen a lot of creative… Continue Reading →

Winter Ball

Argh! Whenever I hear the words “Winter Ball” I tense up a little. I have childhood trauma having to do with a Winter Ball! Multiple, actually! It all started when my mom said to me, “Hey, your Girl Scout troop… Continue Reading →

Right Hand Man

Why is it even called a right hand man? Maybe a right hand man is supposed to stand to the right of you. But what if my friends stand to the left of me? Does that not make them my… Continue Reading →

You’ll Be Back

One day in History, we listened to a great song about King George’s breakup with America. EXCEPT IT WASN’T YOU’LL BE BACK!!! I don’t think the teacher knew about the song, so I can excuse that, but still! You’ll Be… Continue Reading →

Farmer Refuted

I really hate when people prove me wrong, or… refute me? re·fute rəˈfyo͞ot/ verb past tense: refuted; past participle: refuted prove (a statement or theory) to be wrong or false; disprove. “these claims have not been convincingly refuted” Synonyms: disprove,… Continue Reading →

The Schuyler Sisters (Rant)

It really bugs me when people compare the Schuyler sisters, to, well, any trio of females. Just because they’re female doesn’t mean they have anything in common! I’ve even seen people compare them to real life trios. Just… stop! I… Continue Reading →

My Shot

It was a dark and stormy night. I crept up the basement stairs silently, my brothers by my side. I gripped my flashlight tightly, waiting for the signal to turn it on. The others held their guns up to their… Continue Reading →

A-Aron Burr Sir

My brother was singing Hamilton (and purposefully messing up the lyrics, as he always does. “An-jewel-ica! Eliose-a! And Peggle! The Shoiyler sisters!) and had gotten to Aaron Burr, Sir, when he started saying “A-Aron Burr, Sir!” This was starting to… Continue Reading →

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